How to Install Kali Linux inside Windows


Install Kali Linux inside Windows

In this post, i will guide you how to install Kali Linux inside Windows. Instead of replacing your current OS or dual-booting it, this is another way to install.

What is Kali Linux? Kali Linux is one of the Best Operating System for Penetration Testing  Hacking. [Link]

How to Install Kali Linux inside Windows

Vmware Settings

  1. Download and Install VmWare WorkStation [Link]
  2. Open Vmware WorkStation
  3. Click on Create a New Virtual Machine
  4. Tick Typical and click on Next
  5. Browse where you have the OS Image file
  6. Enter the Machine name, any name you like
  7. Specify the disk capacity
  8. Tick on Store Virtual Disk on Single file and click next
  9. Click on Customize Hardware if you want to edit anything
  10. Click on finish
  11. The virtual machine will started to mount the ISO file and boot it

Kali Installations

  1. Wait until it finished booting
  2. Select Graphical Install
  3. Select desire language,location,locale and keyboard inputs
  4. Now it will loads components from the CD
  5. Enter the hostname and domain name. Domain name is the username. For example, if you leave all the name to default, it will be root@kali.
  6. Enter your password
  7. Now is the Disk Partitioning part, choose Manual and click continue
  8. Select the disk and choose Create New  Empty Partition
  9. Click on Free Space, Create New Partition and click continue
  10. We will make a swap partition, so set the size to 4GB (recommended) or anything you like
  11. Select the Partition type as Logical and the location is at the End
  12. Click on Use As , set it to swap , Done Setting up the Partition, click continue
  13. Click on the Free Space again, Create a new Logical Partition and the size is up to you as long it’s not exceed the available space
  14. Just click on Done Setting up the Partition and click continue
  15. Click on Finish partitioning and write changes to disk
  16. Click Yes and continue
  17. You’re done! 😀 Wait for the system finish installing. After that just click on continue
  18. Wait for the machine to reboot and Enjoy pentesting!

*Having problem installing? Watch the video below or leave a comment



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